Extreme combat skills
Weapon mastery


Growing up to a wealthy pod in Reiladel, the prosperous Fontian city, Roiter Zarusine signed up to the Youth Deliex program as a teenager. Fontia, being hundreds of thousands of years ahead of Earth in its technological advancements, had exhausted all its resources, and had begun the Deliex (scout) Initiative in order to seek out new resources and specimens. After twenty years of training and lower-level exploration and testing, Roiter was promoted to a lead Deliex. His husband (or the male equivalent of a husband) Jaruine, a fellow Deliex, was killed in a pod explosion that destroyed the Deliex facility and released most of the harvested energy used for teleportation and weaponry into the ether. Iuri Benzene, the head of the teleportation unit, was blamed for the explosion. Benzene had absorbed all of the quantum energy and become a quantum-shifting being with immense power. He escaped Fontia as a wanted criminal. Zarusine took charge of a Deliex task force to search for and detain Benzene, and his path led him to Earth.

Birthplace: Reiladel, Fontia
Race: Fontian
Age: 40 (human years)
Height: 6’3
Notable Features: Bodily scars, blue hair

Materialization Button
Can be placed on any piece of clothing to fully materialize the Deliex suit.

Quantum Light Staff
Utilizes quantum light energy to create an explosive combat staff.

Quantum Light Grenade
Explosion device utilizing Fontian quantum light technology.

Quantum Light Blaster
Shoots explosive quantum light bursts,

Black Hole Generator
Employed to contain quantum light and de-power Prism.

Costume Materialization
Using the materialization button, Deliex is able to put on his suit instantaneously.

Wanted: Iuri Benzene
Iuri Benzene (AKA Prism) was accused of killing a Deliex scout named Jaruine and stealing Fontian technology. Roiter Zarusine was married to the Scout, and took up the charge to hunt down Prism.

Transportation Pod
Deliex crashed his transportation pod into Earth seeking Prism after a botched teleportation. It was quickly scooped up by the CIAAD.