Super Speed
Speed Thinking
Super Metabolism
Speed Healing
Vacuum Creation
Time Travel
Sonic Scream


Michael was born the second oldest of a five sibling family in Port Washington New York. His father, unbeknownst to the family besides their mother, was a CIAAD, or Central Intelligence Agency: Anomaly Department operative, who underwent a special operation to gain superpowers of five test subjects the department had taken in over the years. He was the only one in which the DNA took, the rest of the subjects died. Before the scientist, Walter Stein, could be tried for murder, he went into hiding. The scandal reached headlines, with Gordon Sawyer being anonymous, and the department was shut down. Years later, Gordon died of a heart attack (which may have been the result of an overload in his system of powers), having had five children. Michael was working on a device with his lab partner and sister Maggie, and they were showing it off at the National Youth Science Fair. His other siblings (George, June, and Chuck) were there when the machine exploded, and the five of them were secretly abducted by an aged Stein. They were tested for the same abilities as their father, but this time the powers varied among the children. Michael developed speed powers. The children, led by Michael, worked together to use their newfound abilites to fight crime, and were eventually drafted by a fake CIAAD, led by Stein. They figured this out over time and it was brought to the public. Stein was put into custody. This propelled the sibling team into the public eye, and soon a new CIAAD was formed. On one mission, June lost her eyesight to the siblings’ archenemy, Cryoclaw. The event split the family. George was mad at Michael for pushing them into crime-fighting, citing the incident as what could happen. Chuck, Maggie and June didn’t take sides. Maggie would come to head the new CIAAD, and Michael, believing it would be a good idea to have a super-powered team in the event of global or national threat, persuaded her to let him assemble one.

Birthplace: Port Washington, NY
Race: Caucasian
Age: 32
Height: 6'2"
Notable Features: N/A

Command Sleeve
Custom fit to Momentum. Connected to the suit. Monitors his heart rate and stats. Technological capability.

Scanner Goggles
PixelTech night vision goggles with a built in database. The ear pieces allow him to hear even when he breaks the sound barrier, and they balance air pressure.

Drift Wingsuit
Collapses into metal slots in the suit, and open up with the use of high strength magnets. Allow him to build momentum and then fly forward.

Time Slow
By vibrating at an elevated rate, Momentum is able to perceive time in slow motion.

Drift Mechanism
Utilizing an intricate system of magnets and clips, Momentum can enable a wingsuit mechanism (similar to a squirrel suit). This is useful in high-octane chases and in fighting villains who are able to fly.

The Sawyer Family
Gordon Sawyer, an operative of the CIA Anomaly Department, underwent scientific experiments to gain superpowers. He developed super-speed and control over lightning, water, fire, and earth. Sawyer became the superhero Savior, fighting villains for the sake of national security. The scientist who developed this experiment went on the run when his experiments killed multiple agents, and after the death of Gordon he would eventually perform these same tests on the Sawyer children. Michael, George, Margaret, Jules and Charles formed a superhero team in their teenage years to combat crime and pay respect to their father's legacy.