Technological/Hacking Prowess
Combat Mastery
Laser Manifestation
Laser Projection


Rajani Kapoor grew up to a widowed mother and three brothers. Realizing she had skills in hacking and technology, she freelanced her abilities to anarchist groups, breaking into government websites. When she broke into the CIA Anomaly Department database to sell information about super-powered humans, the CIAAD turned her life around and put her through Stanford. After four years of education in Engineering and Computer Science, the CIAAD drafted her as an agent. She signed up to become genetically enhanced, and gained laser manipulation powers. Disagreeing with the political aspects of crime-fighting when it came to the CIAAD, she left. She went on to become the Vice President of PixelTech and a night-time vigilante.

Birthplace: Cambridge, MAz
Race: Indian
Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Notable Features: N/A

Scanner Goggles
PixelTech goggles that scan and enhance Vizio’s laser precision.

Laser Gauntlet
Gauntlet that shapes Vizio’s laser manifestation into sharp laser blades.

Laser Chestplate
Chestplate that expands and allows for more intense laser bursts.

Bifocal Scope
Sniper scope that allows long range sniper precision for ocular laser blasts.

Bifocal Sniper Scope
Focuses Vizio's eye lasers in a tight beam that can act as a sniper shot.
Scanner Goggles
Goggles full of data that can scan faces and weak-points and hack computers.
Wrist-Gauntlet Enhancer
Focuses Vizio's palm lasers into sharp wrist-knives.

Laser Projection
Vizio's three main sources of laser projection are her eyes, palms, and her chest. Each type has different qualities, such as accuracy and size.

Enhancer Expansion
Vizio's chest projection enhancer expands from a tight beam to a large and wide-radius laser projecting medium that encompasses her entire torso.