Extreme Survival Skills
Underwater Breath
Animal Shapeshifting
Super Strength


Colten Scarborough was born to a high class family, his father being a business mogul. When Colton was 12, his Hawaiian mother died and his father left him with his mother’s sister. He disowned his son, a painful memory of his past life. Colten’s aunt died when he turned 18, and in her last will and testament she asked that her body be brought to the Hawaiian island where she and her sister had been born. Colten, still angry at his father, stormed his San Francisco office and demanded that he at least meet this request. His father gave in and had a private jet take Colten and his aunt’s ashes out to the Hawaiian island of Keola Mau’Loa. This island had exact coordinates in the will, but was uncharted on present day maps. The jet reached the coordinates and a tropical storm overtook them. As they descended, a giant whale tail flung up into the air and smacked the jet down. As Colten sank, he saw a golden glimmer in the water and passed out. He awoke on the island, ashes in his hands, with nothing around him but sand and a jungle. He was stranded. For the next three years Colten survived on his surroundings. He had begun to think he was having hallucinations, like the occasional tribesperson staring at him from the woods. After three years and seven instances of planes flying over him, he gave up. He let himself fall back into the water and started to drown. He then saw another glimmer of gold. He awoke again, this time finding himself surrounded by tribesmen, with turquoise tattoos lining his arms, legs and chest. An old man in decaying golden armor stood above him and helped him up. He spoke in their tribal language, which Colten could mysteriously understand: “You have passed the test, take Nalani’s ashes to the Wahi Koa Make”, or the ceremonial death spot. Colten, dazed and confused, did this. The tribe took him in and praised him as the next Kupua, their native protector. The tribe proved to be an extremely advanced society, shielded from the outside world. The dying Kupua, who had been the one who had taken down the jet and saved him, taught him the ways of the Kupua, and how to shapeshift. Taking on the name Makoa Ka’uhane, Colten became the society’s protector. There were also other protectors on the island, including the Wai’au, or water-bender, the Paulele, or treebender, and the Mea’ona, or sorcerer. Each protector’s abilities sprouted from a pentagon looking symbol, and he would soon find that the tribal ancestors had made a deal with “the Devil” to protect the land and gain new resources. He would look into this further with William Lawrence.

Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Race: Half Hawaiian, Half African American
Age: 37
Height: 6’5
Notable Features: Turquoise body tattoos, various scars

Guardian Armor
Kupua's armor, which expands from the tattoos on his body and transforms with the Kupua's will. It is nearly impenetrable.

The Kupua's Tribal Tattoos
Allow the Kupua to shapeshift into animals and into his armor.

Guardian Axe
Upon finishing the trials of the Kupua, the candidate is given body tattoos of sacred earthly colors and the Hawaiian symbol of the shapeshifter.

Transformation Animals
When Kupua uses his Keola Mao'Loa shapeshifting powers, he can turn into any animal. These animals have his Kupua symbol on them.

Kupua Transformation
When Kupua shapeshifts, blue light comes out of his armor as he transforms into the animals.

Armor Expansion
Kupua's guardian armor expands from the tattoos on his body.