Super Strength, Stamina, Speed
Longevity through Possession
Resistance to Fire


On the quest for the Holy Grail, nine Knights of the Round Table and hundreds of soldiers led by King Arthur ventured into a dark cave. Unbeknownst to them, the imp who would come to be known as “the Devil” had rigged the cave with enchantments meant to test the will of the Knights, in accordance with the “seven deadly sins”. Initially, most of the common soldiers fell victim to gluttony, lust, and sloth, having been journeying for months with limited food and sleep. They ate from tables lined with glorious meals, fell to the seduction of young women, and slept on silk lined beds. These young men died and went straight to the imp’s domain, known by Christians as Hell. Four soldiers and eight of the knights remained. They split up into groups, there being three doors ahead of them. One door, taken by two soldiers, Gawain, and Percival, led to a room full of treasures beyond their wildest dreams. All four of these men succumbed to greed, were buried in gold, and were sent to Hell. Kay, Bors the Younger, King Arthur and a soldier went through the next door, which led to a room that split the four apart from one another. It faced them with their greatest enemy, giving them the choice to kill this person or forgive them. King Arthur was the only one not to fall to Wrath, forgiving Mordred for murdering his wife. Galahad, a soldier, Palamedes and Gareth entered a room that tested their Pride. They could either work together to get across a bridge, or take a path by themselves that would lead to riches but would prove harder and more challenging. Galahad and the soldier made it through, while Palamedes and Gareth fell victim to pride. In the final room, Galahad, the soldier and King Arthur were the only ones remaining. They were each tempted with envy, and if they passed this test they would get to the Grail. Galahad was tempted to kill King Arthur and take the crown for himself. In a struggle with his morals he slayed King Arthur, and then the soldier, a witness to his crimes. Through this act, he was taken by “the Devil”, and became a partial imp, his life attached to the Pentagon-branded Sword of Samael. Any victim to come upon the sword would be possessed by Galahad’s spirit and forced to slay magical beings and people to add to “the Devil’s” collection of souls. In 2007, 20-year-old William Lawrence came upon the sword, and began a journey to purify Galahad’s soul, taking him around the world. Lawrence learned much of Galahad’s history from a visit to Camp O-AT-KA, which incidentally housed King Arthur’s sword and soul. Lawrence would go on to become a History PHD. He traveled around the world, looking for artifacts and magical creatures. He would however, through a fight with a large troll, become paralyzed from the waist down at age 29.

Birthplace: Great Britain
Race: Demonic Human
Age: 1480
Height: 6’0
Notable Features: Demonic eyes, glasses, paralyzed

Birthplace: Liverpool
Race: Caucasian Human
Age: 33
Height: 5’8
Notable Features: bodily scars, paralyzed from the hips down, Devil pentagon symbol burned into his chest

Galahad’s sheath, which can form itself into a small sack. The sack is bottomless.

Sword of Samael
Galahad’s sword, used to murder King Arthur and later take souls to feed Galahad’s lifespan as a Demon. Indestructible and flaming. Transforms William into Galahad. Can sense magical creatures.

Galahad's Shield
Galahad’s indestructible shield.

Demonic Transformation
When William wields the Sword of Samael, he transforms in a raging fire into Sir Galahad.

William Lawrence, PHD
Dr. William Lawrence is one of many hosts of the demon of Sir Galahad. Having studied in History and Language at a Doctorate level, he now travels around the world documenting mystic creatures and their histories.

King Arthur
Galahad often confers with King Arthur, whom he murdered in envy and sin. He believes he is connected to Heaven due to his connection to Hell.