Thermal Signature Monitoring
Frog Leap
Long Tongue
Suction Palms
Breath-holding for long periods of time
Stabilize Salt in Blood
Retractable Claws


Robert William Cross was born with Dwarfism to an abusive Catholic family, and in a rejection to Catholic morals and “God’s Plan,” he decided he would go into genetics. Originally starting in a small apartment in Brooklyn, he made leaps and bounds in genetic enhancement, and was contracted by the government to create a super-serum. He utilized the genetics of a Red-Eyed Tree Frog, a Japanese Fire-Belly Newt, a Marine Iguana and a Hairy Frog. Over time, he had used his genetic enhancements and sold them over the black market. One of his experiments killed the nephew of an Irish mob boss, who put a hit out on Cross. A mob man came to Cross’ apartment lab and sent bullets flying. Cross, having not even tested his serum on his lab mice, injected himself in the adrenal gland as he lay bleeding out. He yelled out and his body shifted, his eyes turning red, his tongue growing out, his teeth sharpening, and his skin growing scales. He had become a creature, but his wounds had healed. He sat down in awe and shock, and after he had calmed down he eased back into a human form, as the “savage form” was caused by a spike in his adrenal glands and from the stress. He found it hard to control his anger when in this state, and killed many people, even joining an underground fighting ring for a while. He grew an addiction to cigars, but eventually got his anger under control.

Birthplace: Brooklyn, NY
Race: Caucasian Human/Frog-Newt-Iguana
Age: 32
Height: 4’0 (human), 3’6 (savage)
Notable Features: Dwarfism, long tongue, red eyes, scaly skin texture, retractable claws, sharp teeth

Savage Transformation
When Savage's adrenaline increases, the infective DNA transforms his body.

Animal Genetics
The four animals that Savage transfused into his genetic cocktail: Japanese Firebelly Newt, Red-Eyed Tree Frog, Hairy Frog, Marine Iguana.

Savage can breathe underwater, leap high, overextend his tongue, and stick to walls.